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  • The lighting is decorated like this, so you don't want to leave the room!

    Categorie: Company News    Author:     Time of issue:2023-05-14 21:05:51

    Many of the lyrics of popular music describe the concept of "leave a lamp". Perhaps this lamp can let you feel happiness when you open the door, and let the family who returns late know that you are still waiting. The importance of the application of more light sources in home furnishing is self-evident. When the family is having a meal, the warm table lamp can make the meal look more delicious, and the family's face also looks more intimate; when you want to study alone, a floor reading lamp can make the sofa instantly become an independent space surrounded by light, small animals Patterned table lamps can make children feel interesting in their homework, and LED wall lamps composed of multiple light bulbs placed on the sides of makeup mirrors or dressing mirrors can make every girl look like a big star. The cold and gloomy winter has come, why not light some more interesting lights to illuminate the room?

    Too few light sources makes people feel deserted

    After Ms. Huang had the room she bought, she was quite keen on buying all kinds of lighting, and the headlights in the living room also had warm colors. She told reporters that the main reason was to remove a little childhood shadow. "Maybe I had to save electricity at home when I was a child. There is only one miserable white light tube in the living room, dining room, and room. After turning on the lights every night, it was cold white everywhere, and even people's faces looked cold and cold. Until now, every time I think of my childhood home, I have a white impression.” Miss Huang, who is particularly disgusted with this cold feeling, does not use positive white light in other places except the bathroom and kitchen. The living room headlights purchased a remote-control color-changing ceiling light, which was basically turned into a warm yellow light source, and the colors of reading lights and standing lights would choose warm white light or warm yellow light. "Maybe there are many light sources in my house. My friends especially like taking selfies when they come to my house party. They say that because my light is very warm here, they also have a soft skin tone when taking selfies. I don't even need to use the beauty app to shrink my pores." When you go out to work every day, you will leave a reading light next to the living room. In this way, when you return at night, the moment you open the door, you will be surrounded by a sense of warmth, knowing that you are home. While sleeping, she will only turn off the bedroom lights, and still keep the reading light in the corner of the living room. "The effect of the light is so magical, the light is looming through the frosted glass of the bedroom door, and a person will not feel afraid when sleeping. I don't like the feeling of total darkness. Even if you are staying in a hotel, you must keep a night light."

    Lighting selection, what do you know2023-05-14