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  • How to buy living room lamps? Notes on the selection of living room lamps

    Categorie: Industry News    Author:     Time of issue:2023-05-14 21:03:49

    In the later stage of the decoration, it is some soft decoration. A variety of items are purchased and installed. The lamp is one of them. As you may know, the lamp has a good decorative effect in addition to lighting. This lamp is generally called lighting , But they are all a kind of thing, so how to buy living room lamps? What are the precautions for the selection of living room lamps? Don't worry, the following Jiuzheng Lighting Network will come to explain to you, let's take a look.

    How to buy living room lamps?
    1. Style
    The living room lamps should be selected according to the decoration style. The simple style living room is not suitable for overly complicated and luxurious lamps. Therefore, when purchasing living room lamps, we must first consider the entire home decoration style, try to achieve style coordination, and echo each other.

    2. Illumination
    The brightness of the lamp is related to the number of bulbs, color temperature, and wattage. Therefore, when purchasing, it should be determined according to the size and actual height of the living room to provide appropriate illumination for the living room.

    3. Hue
    The color of the lamp is divided into two types: cool color and warm color. Although the cool color illumination is greater, it is relatively more energy-saving. In fact, it is best to choose a warm color light source for the living room, dining room, and bedroom, so as to improve the warmth and comfort of family life sense.

    4. Size
    The size of the lamps and lanterns should be coordinated with the height of the indoor space, such as a common room with a height of 2.5 meters. But it is not suitable for larger chandelier. For a larger living room, a larger main lamp is needed to match. Only a medium-sized lamp can highlight the overall feeling and coordination of the indoor space.

    5. Price
    In terms of price, it is necessary to buy according to your own economic strength and actual situation, so that you can buy lighting that suits your price.

    6. Security
    When buying living room lamps, don’t be greedy for cheap, first look at the quality, check the quality guarantee, and whether the certificate of completion is complete; the expensive ones are not necessarily good, and the quality of many expensive lamps is also irrelevant, often hidden dangers, safety is the most important