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  • What lights are installed in the small living room

    Categorie: Industry News    Author:     Time of issue:2023-05-14 21:02:46

    Generally speaking, the living room refers to the living room with an average construction area of more than 20 square meters. If the living room area is small, or a small dovecote room, how should the living room lighting be matched? Lighting collocation, not only pay attention to the style of collocation, but also pay attention to the effects brought by lighting, so that the space has a three-dimensional and layered sense. Three prerequisites for small living room lighting

    1. Overall lighting (living room lighting) (1) The best overall lighting is a ceiling lamp or a chandelier. Three or more headlights are installed in the center of the living room roof as the main lamp to illuminate the entire living room environment and let the host or guest It was very kind as soon as I got home. (2) What kind of lamp to choose depends on the size of the living room. If the living room is only about ten squares, or the shape is irregular, it is best to use a ceiling lamp or a single-line pendant lamp. (3) If the height of the living room is suitable, it is best to choose a chandelier. Of course, according to the actual needs of the owner, the most important thing is to create a warm family environment.

    2. Partial lighting (living room lighting) (1) The so-called partial lighting means that in addition to the overall lighting, additional lighting products are needed. Generally, desk lamps or floor lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, etc. can be used. If you often read in the living room, the high-floor floor lamp is the most suitable for the environment, and it can also set off a sense of fashion. (2) If the living room sofa or TV background wall has more eye-catching hanging paintings, oil paintings or calligraphy and paintings, you can consider installing two wall lamps, which saves space and is dignified and tidy. (3) If the family conditions are special and the living room needs to be used as a dining room or living room, it may be appropriate to add table lamps or ambient lighting.

    3. The type of lighting (living room lighting) (1) When selecting small living room lighting, the type and appearance of the lighting are more important. First of all, it must be more in line with the decoration style. In addition, in consideration of cost, try to be able to choose high-end lighting . (2) Even the small living room is the face of the owner. The lighting is too plain, and the soft decoration will be slightly resisted. Can have personality, small living room should have the beauty of a small living room. (3) Regarding the brightness of the lighting in the small living room, first of all, it must not be too dim as a living room. If there are multiple three-dimensional lighting combinations, the main lamp should be as bright as possible. If you need dim points, you can adjust it with the spotlight or auxiliary light. But it should not be too bright, too much stress when going home to rest.