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  • Indoor lighting How to choose lighting

    Categorie: Industry News    Author:     Time of issue:2023-05-14 21:02:04

    The rapid development of LED technology, wide application fields, strong industry drive, and large energy-saving potential meet the requirements of low-carbon and ecological economy and the development trend of contemporary new industries. It is recognized as the most promising and efficient lighting industry by various countries. But, what kind of LED energy-saving lamps are good for home use? Home decoration, I heard that the installation of led energy-saving lamps is both energy-saving and durable, want to buy some led energy-saving lamps for household use, which is better? The reporter interviewed with this question, the general manager of LED indoor lighting LED lamp cup manufacturer CPL lamp cup sales director Liu. Mr. Liu gave us a detailed introduction to how consumers should choose home LED lighting fixtures. Household led energy-saving lamps, currently led lamp cups (the living room auxiliary light source 3w is sufficient), led downlights (aisles with about 3 inches 3w, about 4 inches 6w, about 6 inches 12w), in general, led is a kind of energy-saving lamps , Is half of the energy consumption of ordinary energy-saving lamps can achieve the same lighting effect. Second, the life expectancy can be up to 50,000 hours. Generally speaking, 20,000 hours is not a problem. The family can be used for several years. The theoretical life of the CPL lamp cup is even more than 50,000 hours. Third, the led light belongs to low-voltage DC power supply, and there is no strobe, nor will it flicker; Fourth, it belongs to the solid cold light source, which does not attract mosquitoes in summer. Household LED energy-saving lamps are the trend of lighting and decoration in the future. When I renovated my house, I ran several stores and did not find the right price. Later, I found a store on the Internet that was not bad. Much cheaper, after all, the online store operating costs are low.

    Lighting options for different home spaces2023-05-14