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Researching a Veteran


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The Library of Congress – Veteran’s History Project

Memories of War – Share Your Story

The National Archives – Veterans’ Service Records

The National World War II Museum – Research a Veteran

The US Army Veterans

101st Airborne


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Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation

HistoryNet – 101 Airborne

The Story of the 101st Airborne Division

The 502 Parachute Infantry Regiment

World War Two Airborne – the 101st

Battle of the Bulge


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Bastogne: The First Eight Days

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Military History Online – Battle of the Bulge

HistoryNet – Battle of the Bulge

The US Army – Battle of the Bulge

The US Army Center for Military History – The Battle of the Bulge

US Signal Corp.


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Getting the Message Through

Signal Soldiers in Europe: D-Day and After

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