War Correspondence


December 1st 1944

Darling George:

I sent you one from Holland so here honey is one Christmas and from France.  To you I wish a very Merry Xmas but for the both of us it won’t seem the same.  But each of us knowing the the day we’re together again forever will [be] our day of days and only you and I will know just what it really means.  I love you very much and think of you constantly .

Love Hugs & kisses              Bill


Dear Mom:

One grand thought to start the new year right is to remember that you at home haven’t and never will see what’s happened to the cities over here. I’m sure happy it’ll never be like this.

Happy New Year            Bill

Postmarked December 4, 1944



***Thurs. Oct 12 1944

“Somewhere in Holland”

Dearest Patty & Joanne:

Hello young ladies, guess I can stop that stuff of calling you kids.  I certainly should anyway when you can write a nice letter like I got from you Pat.  Really got a big kick out of it guess I’ve got some sense of humor left yet.

Here’s a verse that’s hung onto this outfit that I’m in:

“Across the channel

Proud and mighty, came the airborne

– God almighty”

Not exactly good poetry but it has a certain meaning to it and plenty of Germans dread it, those who don’t are probably dead.  But enough of this its good to know you and Joanne are so well along in school some of the children that I’ve talked to haven’t been to school in several years.  Those who did go which probably weren’t many went to German controlled schools.

When we first got here the kids hounded us for candy, gum, and cigarettes.  The cigarettes they took home to the brothers and fathers, they gave us fruit, milk and helped a lot in chasing out the Germans.

Hope you two have been good girls when this is over with, and I come home we’ll have lots of fun you can be sure.

Take care of yourself and say hello to Paul Jr. Charles, and Robert.

Love Bill

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