Use this page to navigate through the Diary by clicking on the links below or use the drop-down pages under “Diary” on the menu bar at the top of the page.

The diary pages have been scanned at a high resolution and are coupled with the text transcriptions to the right of the image.  Click on the diary pages to see an enlarged version.

The diary has been not only transcribed for legible clarity but also annotated by researching various terms, names, and events mentioned throughout.  When information has been identified, these annotations appear in footnotes at the bottom of each page and are intended to provide context and detail by placing the diary within the larger event of the battle and the war.

If you are using a Firefox browser, place the cursor over the superscript footnote numbers within the transcription and the footnote will hover above the text.  The hover feature does not work in Internet Explorer browsers.

December 17, 1944

December 18, 1944

December 19, 1944

December 20, 1944

December 21, 1944

December 22, 1944

December 23, 1944

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